Is Wednesday Addams the Female Protagonist We All Need?

Jan 12, 2023

Wednesday Addams is proving to be the authentic female protagonist that we all need in the relatively new Netflix Series- Wednesday. We have seen the development of several strong female protagonists in the past decade across different movies and series. Katniss Everdeen taught us to stand up for injustice. Hermione Granger taught us to embrace our intelligence. And Arya Stark taught us to be strong, skilled and resilient. Wednesday embodies much of the 21st-century portrayals of females in media. But makes Wednesday the Ultimate female protagonist of the year?

When we see Wednesday arrive at Nevermore Academy for the first time, her iconic braids and gothic appearance make her stand out instantly. In a school full of werewolves, magicians and other so-called 'outcasts' of society, Wednesday is fighting against conformity. While her all-black wardrobe emphasises her sombre outlook on life, her character embraces individuality. Wednesday has always been an iconic character with her blunt, dark humour. It's no wonder that viewers have been loving Wednesday since the series' first release. She quickly became the inspiration for a dance trend on TikTok. Wednesday's quirky dance moves and ability to say anything she wants without being afraid show us Wednesday doesn't follow the crowd. With influencer culture comes the pressure to fit into society. The message is clear- being yourself is always best.

In the show, Wednesday attempts to master her psychic powers, prevent a monstrous killing spree, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago. Through her enviable detective skills and avid curiosity, Wednesday puts together the pieces needed to solve the mystery. While we may not all have psychic powers, Wednesday encourages us to be inquisitive, look at the wider picture and trust our gut instinct.

One of the most iconic scenes was during the infamous Poe Cup Boat race. It is in this scene that we learn three things about Wednesday:

  1. She doesn't stand for cheaters or social injustices- this is her call for sabotage and vigilance.
  2. She is competitive when determined to prove a point.
  3. Although she is not stereotypically sociable, she supports Enid when she needs help, emphasising Wednesday's potential to build solid friendships with other characters.

If you haven't had a chance to watch Wednesday yet, you can watch all episodes of the binge-worthy and deservingly hyped show now on Netflix. And for those who are wanting to see more of Wednesday Addams's undeniably fantastic character, the show is rumoured to be soon making a come-back with the details of the release date still under wraps. We can't wait to see more of Wednesday and her antics!

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