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Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue

Paramount Network 2011

Bars mean money, but they also mean stress if they aren't properly run. Jon Taffer is a bar and nightclub owner who has started, flipped, or owned over 600 bars and clubs in his career and currently owns one of the most highly respected consulting firms in the bar and nightclub industry. Jon will travel around the country and employ his expertise to return struggling bars to the cash cows they once were. Everything from the science of the perfect pour, to the height of the bar stools is a key factor in making a bar the hottest place in town.

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My Review of Bar Rescue

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For some odd reason, I find the American reality TV show Bar Rescue interesting and fun to watch despite the fact that I am not all that much of a bar patron.


I always liked TV reality shows about fixers uppers and pioneers consulting businesses to make them become profitable and successful, mainly because there is a certain sense of predictability in them, and they encourage us to improve things we own. However, Bar Rescue is a unique concept, because the targetted “ruins” that the show has to bring back to life are bars, pubs, and nightclubs which often also serve food along with wide selections of beers and spirits, hence it is an intriguing mixture.

Of course, the host of the show has to be a person who is tough and possesses some serious background in the bar business since it is known to be a harsh business filled with intoxicated people of both sexes and bouncers to keep them at bay! (bar brawl vs bar crawl, I think one leads to another “hold one, sounds like a good idea for a reality show”). This reality made Jon Taffer the perfect host of this show, and indeed he is a toughie and does not hesitate to express himself with absolute sincerity to the owners of the targetted struggling bars for rescue, (it has to be his way or the highway).

Taffer is a natural businessman, he came from a family of entrepreneurs, and of course, he was already famous before Bar Rescue, especially among NFL fans for his contribution to the invention of the NFL Sunday Ticket, which among other things contributed to making bars and pubs the place to go in order to catch alive NFL game.

I honestly was expecting what I am about to say when I began watching Bar Rescue. It is a real-life drama show with some action and of course, some comedy too. Jon Taffer can be hilarious with his down to reality quotes, the different bar owners and their staff are always entertaining and in conflict with Taffer who can be very very blunt and maybe a little too bossy.


I was surprised when I found that the original show was created by the Dutch production company Eyesworks back in 2010 and eventually picked up by the film and TV production giant MTV Entertainment Studios in 2011 because I reckoned that some bar nut invented it. Now in its eight-season and with more than 200 episodes later, it has become one of the most-watched reality shows, (you can catch it on Spike TV or a streaming service).

Every bar or pub means a different setting and a whole different cast except for Taffer and his team, sometimes patrons also become unintended actors. The overall good quality of the show is a direct result of intensive focus on the audience's needs and great knowledge of the bar scene and culture. The team of producers: Todd Nelson, Dj Nurre, and Katy Dierks conquered and turned Bar Rescue into a show that will be remembered for success and longevity among other things. The show was created by Darrin Reed, a successful television, film producer, and writer.

If you like Gordon Ramsay reality shows such as Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, then you will definitely relate to Bar Rescue. And just like Gordon Ramsay is controversial, so is Jon Taffer. To many, they are both heroes helping struggling businesses succeed and providing real-life education on how to succeed, however, both are also perceived by many as a little too angry and arrogantly self-righteous.

Bar Rescue is definitely the show where you will see some of the best bars ever and also some of the most horrendous nightmarish bars too. It is simply fun and I do not mind it even a bit.

Sophie ☕️🍰 - Jun 05, 2022

Die 10 Beste Folgen von Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue - S8E8

#1 - A Commander and His Post


Staffel 8 - Folge 8

VFW Post 10054 – Las Vegas, NV – Jon goes to VFW Post 10054 in Pahrump, Nevada, where beloved Commander Marty is stepping down to care for his ailing wife, and Steve, his less-experienced replacement, must learn the ropes.

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Bar Rescue - S3E33

#2 - Punch-Drunk & Trailer Trashed


Staffel 3 - Folge 33

OFace Bar Council Bluffs, IA A dysfunctional family’s feuding pushes Jon Taffer to the limit. Will their outrageous antics force Jon into an extreme decision?

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Bar Rescue - S3E24

#3 - Hurricane Jon Vs Hurricane Sandy


Staffel 3 - Folge 24

Bungalow Bar Rockaway Beach, NY It’s the biggest rescue in series history: resurrect the hurricane battered Bungalow Bar in Rockaway Beach, NY. But with the summer season fast approaching, Jon races to repair the structure & retrain the staff in time.

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Bar Rescue - S3E16

#4 - Characters Assassination


Staffel 3 - Folge 16

Characters Quarters Garner, NC Characters Quarters might be the worst bar concept ever, but it’s only 1 of the problems Jon must overcome at this confused establishment run by a family of Yankees in heart of Dixie.

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Bar Rescue - S3E6

#5 - Jon T, He Don't Like It


Staffel 3 - Folge 6

Kasbah Aurora, CO 10 years ago, The Kasbah Lounge in Aurora, Colorado was an urban hotspot. Now it is a relic. Bar Expert Jon Taffer must breathe new life into this dying nightclub otherwise it will become extinct for good.

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Bar Rescue - S3E38

#6 - I Smell A Rat


Staffel 3 - Folge 38

Oasis Hookah Bar Omaha, NE Oasis Hookah Bar is in dire straits. They serve toxic drinks and have terrible service. To top it all off, there's a dead rat somewhere in the building, but nobody knows where.

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Bar Rescue - S8E7

#7 - A Bar to Take Pride In


Staffel 8 - Folge 7

Badlands – Las Vegas, NV – Badlands Saloon is a Las Vegas institution proudly serving the LGBTQ+ community, but the owners need Jon's help after the COVID-19 pandemic brings down their business.

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Bar Rescue - S7E15

#8 - The Gaslamp Redemption


Staffel 7 - Folge 15

Jolt'n Joes Gaslamp - San Diego, CA – When the owner of Jolt'n Joe's in San Diego was diagnosed with cancer, he began leaning on his manager, but a broken promise over sweat equity threatens to run the bar into the ground.

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Bar Rescue - S3E5

#9 - Empty Pockets


Staffel 3 - Folge 5

Zanzibar Denver, CO Bar Expert Jon Taffer must rescue a pool hall in Denver from closing, but a prideful immigrant owner stands in his way. Can Jon help him fulfill his American Dream or will it continue to be a nightmare?

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Bar Rescue - S7E16

#10 - The Mother of All Failures


Staffel 7 - Folge 16

Armadillo Grill - Phoenix, AZ – Jon is at The Armadillo Grill in Phoenix, AZ, to help its beloved owner Brenda who is in over her head and oblivious to a filthy kitchen that is hazardous to both employees and patrons.

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Bar Rescue - S7E5
#11 - Saving Post 6216
Staffel 7 - Folge 5

VFW Post 6216 - Albuquerque, NM – Jon is in Albuquerque, NM, to help Commander Rudy and his staff recruit young veterans to become members and inject new life into his VFW Post 6216 bar and hall.

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Bar Rescue - S8E5
#12 - Viva La Casona
Staffel 8 - Folge 5

La Casona Bar and Grill – Las Vegas, NV – Jon rescues the owners of a historic Las Vegas Mexican restaurant who have a lot of heart but not enough business acumen to keep their dream of being successful restaurateurs alive.

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Bar Rescue - S8E9
#13 - Behind The 8 Ball
Staffel 8 - Folge 9

Griff's Bar & Billiards – Las Vegas, NV – Despite its pre-pandemic popularity, Griff's Bar & Billiards is at risk of failure due to COVID-19 and mismanagement, so Jon steps in to help save the Las Vegas pool and billiard hall.

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Bar Rescue - S8E1
#14 - Two Tickets to Paradise Cantina
Staffel 8 - Folge 1

Paradise Cantina - Las Vegas, NV – The owner of Paradise Cantina in Las Vegas lost nearly everything trying to keep his party bar afloat during the pandemic, but Jon suspects there may have been problems before lockdown.

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Bar Rescue - S3E1
#15 - Turtle on Its Back
Staffel 3 - Folge 1

Turtle Bay New Orleans, LA For a bar to fail on Bourbon Street in New Orleans it takes a special kind of incompetence. Can bar expert Jon Taffer get these delusional owners to ditch their copy-cat ways and start thinking for themselves?

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Bar Rescue - S7E13
#16 - A Silver Dollar Saved Is a Silver Dollar Earned
Staffel 7 - Folge 13

Silver Dollar - Chula Vista, CA – Jon heads to the Silver Dollar in Chula Vista, CA, where the unresolved tensions between the father and son owners have led to operational issues and neglect.

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Bar Rescue - S7E8
#17 - Come Home to Roost
Staffel 7 - Folge 8

The Broadway Club - Tooele, UT – An inexperienced bar owner calls on Jon after hiring a hard-partying manager with no industry knowledge to run Broadway Club in Tooele, Utah.

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Bar Rescue - S3E20
#18 - Barely Above Water
Staffel 3 - Folge 20

Marley's On The Beach Warwick, RI Taffer makes two bars out of one in an attempt to save both a beachfront bar in Warwick, Rhode Island, and the owner’s marriage.

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Bar Rescue - S3E39
#19 - Scary Mary's
Staffel 3 - Folge 39

Mary's Outpost Grand Prairie, TX The lecherous owner of a dying Texas dive crosses the line with one of Taffer's experts.

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Bar Rescue - S3E28
#20 - Music City Mess
Staffel 3 - Folge 28

BoondoxXx BBQ Nashville, TN A country music snob with an explosive personality turns to Jon for help. Note: The episode was originally supposed to air on November 24, 2013, but was replaced with an encore after the owner was accused of fatally shooting a patron, and then claimed the shooting was in self-defense. However, it aired unintentionally three hours later in a late-night "encore slot" due to a technical/human error.

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