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House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

Netflix 2021

Suicide, murder... or something else? This docuseries examines chilling truths and theories around the deaths of 11 members of a Delhi family.

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    unlike some of the other netflix docs on similarly "mysterious" topics, this one is respectful and shows clear care for the victims and their loved ones. the content warning at the start is one worth heeding, though i will say that the photography of the scene is shown only in part and never involves the victims' faces. (a cultural note: if you aren't familiar with funeral rituals in india, cremation is quite common in sikhism and especially so in hinduism (though not necessarily required) as the physical body only houses the soul and thus upon death the soul leaves it behind. i cannot speak to whether this family was hindu or sikh given that both religions seemed present and absent in different settings, but part of my immediate family was raised hindu. to my knowledge, cremation is done within a day of death whenever possible. so while the speed with which the autopsies are done, the families are provided the bodies and the funeral rites are done may seem strange to an outsider, it's likely part of normal practice for deaths involving law enforcement. the extent the police department reportedly went in ensuring that the family had the necessary pyres, space and preparations for the cremation rituals is significant. the final episode goes into the consequences of this incident on the funeral rites and grieving process for the surviving family and friends, so please know that the "mystery" being solved in the second episode is far from the end of the story. the filmmaker did an excellent job of shedding light on the many facets and layers to this story without sensationalizing any of it, 100% recommended.) and as someone with a history of mental illness myself and a family history to go with it, i appreciate the time this documentary takes to talk about the mental health stigma in india. it's a global stigma, no doubt about that, but the fear of losing face or shaming your family or lowering your status in east and south asian cultures in particular has led to so much preventable tragedy for so many people. it's an important lesson: try to talk openly about mental health in your daily life. it makes a real difference, trust me.


    A psychological thriller and mystery in the form of a crime documentary. Despite the mild dramatization, it's a pretty good documentary that should not be missed for those who don't know anything about the case!


    Almost three years back, the country woke up to the horrific news of 11 deaths in a single night. What set aside the news of 11 dead people, was the sheer strangeness of the situation. The three-part crime docu-series directed by Leena Yadav is a real testimony of factual filmmaking. The scenes are horrifying, disturbing and heart-wrenching as the relatives of the deceased express their emotions throughout the three episodes. The explanation of real thought processes by psychiatrists is rightfully captured and presented too. If you want to check something based on true incidents and factual representations this is something you shouldn't be missing. Kudos to Leena for this effort. Telegram : @streamgenx Full Reviews : www.instagram.com/stream.genx


    Usually i don't like documentaries but decided to watch this one just because how bizzare this whole case was. Back then i watched the video that got viral on my phone and it immediately gave me chills. Before i started this show i watched that video again and it still felt creepy. I'd suggest for faint hearted that if u really wanna watch it then do so during daytime. At night you might have some nightmares or something like that.


    Nothing on the actual documentary content, but the decision to use a voice over with an Indian accent on top of someone speaking English with an Indian accent was just bizarre.

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