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After fleeing an abusive relationship, a young mother finds a job cleaning houses and fights to provide a better future for her child.

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    Excellent well worth a watch


    Ep1: One person to clean THAT house in a few hours? She's Superwoman!! Then ... why have a window open with a kid in the car and belting down the freeway? Why do you park your car on the side like that ... derrr. Oh ... and the script is very weak and the acting bland. Not sure I'll make it to Ep 2.


    An emotional rollercoaster. Alex makes me angry and sad when she fails, yet I'm still cheering for her to keep going and finally have a win. It's heavy and so relatable, even if you're not in a similar situation that's portrayed. Amazing acting, and the directing was spot on.


    Highly suggest this to people who enjoy drama without any distractions. The story remains pure and realistic. It's far from perfect but still better than high budget series/movies filled with bells and whistles and tons of artificial ways to swing your feelings.


    I read the book by Stephanie Land, which is what I believe this series was loosely based on. The book was excellent, and so is the tv series, but other than the basic premise of a young single mother trying desperately to support herself by working as a maid, they have very little in common. The tv series has deep themes of domestic abuse and dysfunctional families and explores very little about her relationships or observations of/with her clients - which is what the book mostly focuses on. Either way, I recommend both - this tv series or the book - but don't expect them to have much in common.


    Really good watch . something real. * her mom is annoying (andie mcdowell). esp at ep 7 8. if she didn't have sex ,get pregnant . she would have gone to college . get better job. she would be self sufficient.


    as a domestic abuse survivor, this show is hard to watch. it brings back all of those muddy, icky, second-guessing feelings and a lot of the thoughts i remember having myself. but it's also kinda therapeutic watching someone else go through something similar, hearing (on tv) someone blatantly validate emotional abuse is really important for a lot of people, because a lot of abuse starts that way. before they escalate to hitting you and pushing you down the stairs they scream and yell at you and blame you for everything. and while this show is about domestic abuse, it's also about surviving and making it out. i appreciate more than i can say with words that there are shows depicting what these types of situations are like and for giving hope to anyone stuck in these situations that there is a way out of it. margaret qualley has done a fantastic job with this role. definitely a show worth watching.


    Holy shit, the level of realism in this show is just unbearable at times. Completely raw and unapologetic throughout the opening few minutes which continues well into the series. I'm on episode seven and it had reached an even more elevated height of authenticity if that's possible. If you think for one minute that anything in this show is impossible then take a big step back and wake up.


    acting, direction and handling of different mental issues and themes of violence were all spot on. you will root for everyone at some points, even people you don't want to root for. and then you will be disappointed by everyone at some points, even people you don't want to judge. it's a painfully raw, upsetting series, and if you can stomach it, do watch it. most importantly i'd suggest taking all the comments and reviews floating around the internet seriously. it is triggering, and not in the pop culture sense of the word. the only other time i've experienced this amount of visceral, physical distress over something otherwise harmless was the sound of a particular type of voice triggering a traumatic event. i went in believing wholeheartedly that it might be intense like everyone warned squid game would be (and it was), but that the triggers wouldn't be things i needed to be concerned about: i don't have my own child, and i'm not a victim of domestic partner violence. but there are scenes of panic, anxiety, dissociation and dread. there are scenes with perspective views that are jarring, and scenes which act as unreliable narrative tools. there are characters who relapse into alcoholism, and there are extremely authentic and distressing manic episodes that play out on screen when alex's mother is concerned. there is homelessness, depicted in a number of ways and in the ways that most people don't think about, like sleeping in your car and having no safety net between various, fleeting types of temporary housing. there are courthouse scenes, and courtroom scenes (particularly stressful for me, having experienced them), and there are sensations of claustrophobia, loss of time and helplessness that the camerawork and acting convey in a way that translates outside of the actual show and into your own reactions, if you have ever felt any of those sensations yourself. there are people who try to do the right thing, for the wrong reasons. there are people characterized as good, who are not good. there are people who keep doing the wrong thing. there are no straightforward villains because everyone is realistic, and that makes it worse. and there is a lead character in alex, with an innocent child, who consistently encounters obstacle after obstacle and does not get to breathe—not really—until the very last episode. if you don't have any experience with the issues tackled by this show or you're watching it for maid confessions like the book, you will likely not get everything out of this experience that the show has to offer. if you are prone to dissociation, intense worry, or have firsthand experience with any of the things i've mentioned here, you're going to have a tough time. i regularly attend therapy and i'm doing quite well, but it was still not the kind of show i could binge-watch and it did come up a couple of times in therapy—for the better, honestly. the last thing i want to say regarding the content is that, if you were a parentified child, or had insecure attachments growing up due to neglect, abuse or addiction—this is scary. unless you are completely cut off from your experiences with insecure attachment? this will remind you of things that aren't actually happening on screen, from different times and of different natures. i was a parentified child, and i still to this day struggle with not worrying about people who aren't my responsibility. that theme is present throughout the show, and it does not let up, not until the very end.


    The critics giving this praise are cowards. I get that its hard to downvote a show about abuse, but this show is just bad. Its the cliche abused (not battered) Wife with the mom who tells her she should go back because you don't "leave a good man" - seriously? - they live in a dump with inside furnature outside in an area that doesn't seem to be too expensive in general. The entirety of the 4 episodes I watched, I could perfectly predict what she would do next. All the characters are a cliche and nothing interesting happens (at least not in the 4 episodes I watched). Even the loss of her car, which could have made for an interesting story was boring, since a good guy gives her his old one. The show fails at being entertaining and it also fails at showing what coming out of an abusive relationship really is like since all the problems solve themselves within a day or two miraculously.

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