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Marvel's Hit-Monkey

Marvel's Hit-Monkey

Hulu 2021

A Japanese snow macaque's clan meets a stranded hitman, Bryce, and nurses him back to health. But when Bryce bites the dust, it's up to the titular simian (guided by Bryce's ghost) to follow in his assassin footsteps and seek vengeance.

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Die 10 Beste Folgen von Marvel's Hit-Monkey

Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E10

#1 - The End (2)


Staffel 1 - Folge 10

As Monkey and Bryce near the end of their journey they struggle against obstacles of their own making.

Die Folge wurde mit 80 Stimmen bewertet.

Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E9

#2 - The End (1)


Staffel 1 - Folge 9

A reunited Monkey and Bryce get some much needed help from a pair of unexpected friends. They head to their final target and discover a startling truth.

Die Folge wurde mit 78 Stimmen bewertet.

Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E4

#3 - The Code


Staffel 1 - Folge 4

Monkey and Bryce break into a prison to hunt a mysterious villain known as The Accountant and Monkey squares off against the prison’s most dangerous inmate.

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Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E8

#4 - Home Sweet Home


Staffel 1 - Folge 8

Ditching Bryce, Monkey returns to his old hot-springs and attempts to join a new tribe. Meanwhile, Bryce is forced to relive the events that thrust him down the path of assassin-hood.

Die Folge wurde mit 83 Stimmen bewertet.

Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E7

#5 - Sayonara Monkey


Staffel 1 - Folge 7

After battling their toughest foe yet, Monkey & Bryce’s partnership finally comes apart at the seams.

Die Folge wurde mit 79 Stimmen bewertet.

Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E1
#6 - Pilot
Staffel 1 - Folge 1

After a high-profile political assassination goes sideways, an injured hitman hides out amongst a tribe of snow monkeys in the mountains of Japan.

Die Folge wurde mit 155 Stimmen bewertet.
Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E6
#7 - The Long Goodbye
Staffel 1 - Folge 6

Monkey and Bryce’s powerful target releases an army of doubles to throw them off his scent as Bryce tries to make peace with his past.

Die Folge wurde mit 85 Stimmen bewertet.
Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E3
#8 - Legend of the Drunken Monkey
Staffel 1 - Folge 3

Monkey and Bryce investigate the evil General Kato. The trail leads to an underground casino, where Monkey embraces the human world while struggling to continue his mission.

Die Folge wurde mit 97 Stimmen bewertet.
Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E5
#9 - Run Monkey Run
Staffel 1 - Folge 5

After the Yakuza put a price on Monkey’s head, he and Bryce must face off against a who’s who of the city’s most colorful assassins, and their greatest foe of all: Bryce’s ego.

Die Folge wurde mit 88 Stimmen bewertet.
Marvel's Hit-Monkey - S1E2
#10 - Bright Lights, Big City
Staffel 1 - Folge 2

Monkey and Bryce arrive in Tokyo seeking revenge. But will the differences in their style doom the mission before it even begins?

Die Folge wurde mit 118 Stimmen bewertet.

Letzte Aktualisierung: Jan 24, 2022



Watched the first episode and not a fan of the stiff, choppy and cheap looking animation.


Loved it ... Never read the comics and just got the reminder from Hulu and gave it a chance.


Very choppy and sometimes nauseating animation. But a lot of dumb fun!


What a ghost(Jason Sudeikis) and a killer monkey, I have to watch it


Whoever this ghost guy is, STFU please. I am not a fan of this style of comedy.


Bryce character is cocky but funny he remembers me of Archer. the series is watchable but the animations are ok


Marvel may want to emulate Invincible in terms of sadism through Hit-Monkey, but it seems they are also hampered by its family-friendly philosophy which is seen in this series, some sadistic scenes are simply skipped. The complexity of the story isn't bad, but it's not great either.

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