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RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness

RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness

Netflix 2021

Years after the horrors Raccoon City, Leon and Claire find themselves consumed by a dark conspiracy when a viral attack ravages the White House.

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    I waited months for this, I was so excited! But I guess my expectations were too high... Since sadly enough it turned out to be a bunch of meh... ! It was alright...


    Cliched plot which became boring by the 3rd episode. Expected more after watching the trailer. The graphics and animations could have been better for 2021 standards. You can skip this one..


    It’s so weird that they had better animation 15 years ago. Cheap project.


    They should have made a movie instead, 4 episodes nothing interesting.


    I have mixed feelings with this. On one hand, the story had all major points for a RE story; it actually felt part of the RE world. On the other hand, the story itself was really meh. I liked the [spoiler] mention of Ashley and the RE4 events; which was always kinda forgotten from every following game, movie, etc.[/spoiler]. With the animation also have mixed feelings: At some points the realism was off the charts and it was hard to notice it was actually an animation and not IRL, but at others it felt even worst that some cinematics in games (for that matter, in these cases, i think RE6 for example had better realism in the cinematics). Some up points were hair and eye movement and a small detail that i personally liked, dust particles on the light of the flashlights. But they were small compared to, for example, some walking scenes that felt really wonky and weird (the last walk from Leon is like a 2000 game walk). Anyway, it's ok; no more than a 6. I still prefer the animated movies and i'm still waiting for the movie/series/game that brings every major character in RE together (like a big Avengers Endgame, but for RE)


    animation and graphics are not great, worse than the game at various points, the story is ok, not great, but ok,it gives us a look on the origins of tricell and a bridge between the events from RE4 and RE5, which is cool... i dont feel like it was a waste of time watching it, but i sure wouldnt watch again and would feel no different if it never existed to begin with, it may be cannon, but its a really useless piece of the cannon lore, so there really isnt any need to watch it if you are just looking to have a better understanding of the events in the franchise, treat it as an extra something and you will get some entertainment from it, treat it as a important cannon piece... and you will be disapointed.


    Take place between re4 and re5.

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