The Curse of Oak Island

10 Beste Episodes of The Curse of Oak Island - Season 10

Follow brothers Marty and Rick Lagina through their effort to find the speculated - and as of yet undiscovered - buried treasure believed to have been concealed through extraordinary means on Oak Island.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Nov 16, 2023.

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The Curse of Oak Island - S10E16

#15 - Striking Gold (Staffel 10 - Folge 16)

The Fellowship is certain that they're closer than ever to an offset chamber when the probe drilling operation in the garden shaft finally gets underway.

The episode was rated 7,59 from 238 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E12

#14 - Beware the Blob (Staffel 10 - Folge 12)


While the team searches for clues to understand why an ancient well was constructed on Lot 26, excitement abounds when more evidence of a tunnel heading directly towards the garden shaft is discovered.

The episode was rated 7,61 from 244 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E7

#13 - Norsing Around (Staffel 10 - Folge 7)

The team returns to the swamp and immediately uncovers more evidence of a sunken ship; in the money pit, the discovery of a collapsed structure could mean they have finally located the off-set chamber.

The episode was rated 7,62 from 231 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E24

#12 - Down the Hatch (Staffel 10 - Folge 24)


Rick, Marty and the team make a discovery below the Garden Shaft that could be the key to solving the Oak Island mystery.

The episode was rated 7,63 from 236 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E25

#11 - And the Hits Keep Coming (Staffel 10 - Folge 25)

As new discoveries are uncovered in the triangle-shaped swamp and on Lot Five, the Oak Island team makes an incredible revelation in the Money Pit.

The episode was rated 7,63 from 234 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E3

#10 - Bubbling Over (Staffel 10 - Folge 3)


The team explores the possibility of getting a member of the crew underground to investigate if the gold traces comes from a network of tunnels.

The episode was rated 7,63 from 243 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E10

#9 - The Blob (Staffel 10 - Folge 10)

While the archaeologists work hard to uncover a new feature discovered on Lot 5, the scientists have finally identified the area where the gold is.

The episode was rated 7,64 from 236 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E11

#8 - Oh, Well! (Staffel 10 - Folge 11)


While the team uncovers more evidence suggesting the mysterious man-made stone foundation on Lot 5 was purposefully hidden, the Fellowship is zeroing in on the gold in the Money Pit.

The episode was rated 7,65 from 247 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E23

#7 - The Italian Job (Staffel 10 - Folge 23)

While an incredible new discovery is made in the triangle-shaped swamp, Rick Lagina and members of the team make shocking connections in Italy between the Knights Templar and the Oak Island mystery.

The episode was rated 7,65 from 217 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E6

#6 - Over the Muon (Staffel 10 - Folge 6)


Gary unearths a curious artifact on Lot 8 and in the Money Pit; the team is astonished to discover that they may be chasing multiple tunnels towards the gold in the garden shaft.

The episode was rated 7,65 from 223 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E1

#5 - On Their Marks (Staffel 10 - Folge 1)

When the team returns to the island they find evidence of an underground tunnel and structure.

The episode was rated 7,71 from 304 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E4

#4 - Wharf and Pieces (Staffel 10 - Folge 4)


The team is astonished when Gary unearths multiple artefacts in close proximity to the old ship's wharf and with the discovery of a shallower tunnel in the Money Pit, Marty's theory of an off-set chamber may finally be proven.

The episode was rated 7,73 from 241 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E13

#3 - All's Well (Staffel 10 - Folge 13)

As the Fellowship prepares to get a team member underground in the Money Pit for the first time, a new theory emerges suggesting that Nolan's Cross holds the secret to its exact location.

The episode was rated 7,74 from 247 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E14

#2 - Getting the Shaft (Staffel 10 - Folge 14)


The team is ecstatic when new scientific evidence narrows down the location of the gold signature in the Money Pit. And Rick realises a lifelong dream when he finally gets underground on Oak Island.

The episode was rated 7,79 from 272 votes.

The Curse of Oak Island - S10E5

#1 - Duc it Out (Staffel 10 - Folge 5)

In the latest episode of "The Curse of Oak Island," titled "Duc it Out," the treasure-hunting team makes a groundbreaking discovery. Mysterious ship logs are uncovered, shedding light on the possibility of a 1746 French armada led by the Duc D'Anville landing on Oak Island. This newfound evidence adds another layer to the centuries-old mystery surrounding the island's hidden treasures. As the team delves deeper into the historical records, they inch closer to unraveling the secrets of Oak Island.

Meanwhile, the excitement mounts at the Money Pit as the team makes significant progress towards getting a team member underground. The anticipation is palpable as they inch closer to uncovering what lies beneath the surface. With each step forward, the team becomes more determined to unearth the long-awaited treasures that have eluded them for years. Will this be the breakthrough they've been waiting for?

Join us in this thrilling episode as the team explores the intriguing possibility of a French armada's presence on Oak Island and strives to finally descend into the depths of the Money Pit. With each new clue and discovery, the mystery deepens, leaving us all on the edge of our seats. Don't miss the chance to be a part of the adventure and witness history unfold before your eyes on "The Curse of Oak Island: Duc it Out."

The episode was rated 7,87 from 111 votes.

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