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10 Beste Episodes of American Pickers - Season 2017

Pickers like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America, even if it means diving into countless piles of grimy junk or getting chased off a gun-wielding homeowner’s land. Hitting back roads from coast to coast, the two men earn a living by restoring forgotten relics to their former glory, transforming one person’s trash into another’s treasure.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Feb 10, 2023.

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American Pickers - S2017E19

#15 - Pedal Pushers (Staffel 2017 - Folge 19)

Just outside the nation's capital Mike and Frank find a stash of untouched inventory from one of the country's oldest bicycle and sporting goods store.

The episode was rated 7,56 from 101 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E11

#14 - Hot Rod Hero (Staffel 2017 - Folge 11)


Mike and Frank discover a fleet of amazing concept cars, some so unique they don't know how to price them.

The episode was rated 7,59 from 200 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E2

#13 - Catch-32 (Staffel 2017 - Folge 2)

Mike and Frank have their work cut out for them on a huge property with more custom 1932 Fords than they have ever seen in one place; Danielle takes on an important military mission.

The episode was rated 7,59 from 317 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E18

#12 - 40 Acre Pick (Staffel 2017 - Folge 18)


Plowing through a 40-acre salvage yard, Mike and Frank harvest a few lost treasures, including a never-before-seen farmer's mini-bike.

The episode was rated 7,60 from 115 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E12

#11 - Queen of Fortune (Staffel 2017 - Folge 12)

The picking gets red, hot and blue in a Louisiana warehouse as Mike makes a move on Gypsy Grandma, the queen of arcade games.

The episode was rated 7,61 from 206 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E7

#10 - My Sweet Ford (Staffel 2017 - Folge 7)


Mike and Frank find a classic 33 Ford that's been sitting so long that a tree has grown around it. But nothing stops the guys from rescuing this rare ride.

The episode was rated 7,63 from 248 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E14

#9 - Superhero Heaven (Staffel 2017 - Folge 14)

In a jam-packed home, Mike and Frank find superhero heaven, coming across a rare Superman comic as well as the very first Spider-Man comic worth $50,000.

The episode was rated 7,64 from 117 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E6

#8 - The Great Pumpkin Showdown (Staffel 2017 - Folge 6)


The guys put thousands on the line to strike a deal with a tough negotiator, and they meet Hubba, a rockabilly reverend with many talents.

The episode was rated 7,64 from 261 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E17

#7 - Real Knuckleheads (Staffel 2017 - Folge 17)

Frank falls hard for a rare Harley Davidson Knucklehead at a collectors hidden California compound.

The episode was rated 7,66 from 76 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E15

#6 - American Dream (Staffel 2017 - Folge 15)


Mike and Frank roll up on a coin-op empire ruled by sisters ready to rumble for every penny.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 133 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E20

#5 - Frank's Big Day (Staffel 2017 - Folge 20)

Frank jumps for joy as he and Mike pick a recently closed toy museum ready to sell their collection of treasures.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 104 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E5

#4 - The $90,000 Question (Staffel 2017 - Folge 5)


When they uncover one of the rarest motorcycles in the world, Mike and Frank must come up with more cash than ever before to try and seal the deal.

The episode was rated 7,73 from 293 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E13

#3 - Woody's Picking Paradise (Staffel 2017 - Folge 13)

It's a picking paradise as Mike and Frank come across a huge 200,000-square-foot factory housing a private collection cultivated by Woody, the building's dumpster-diving owner.

The episode was rated 7,78 from 121 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E21

#2 - Hyder's Hideaway (Staffel 2017 - Folge 21)


While freestyling in Virginia's Appalachian Mountains the guys come across a hidden hideaway filled with history and even some mementos from a bluegrass legend.

The episode was rated 7,79 from 76 votes.

American Pickers - S2017E16

#1 - Mike's Big Buy (Staffel 2017 - Folge 16)

Mike and Frank are picking and dreaming in California. Then dreams become reality when Mike falls for the sweetest classic Ford pick-up he’s ever seen.

The episode was rated 7,80 from 152 votes.

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