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10 Beste Episodes of American Pickers - Season 8

Pickers like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America, even if it means diving into countless piles of grimy junk or getting chased off a gun-wielding homeowner’s land. Hitting back roads from coast to coast, the two men earn a living by restoring forgotten relics to their former glory, transforming one person’s trash into another’s treasure.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Feb 10, 2023.

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American Pickers - S8E3

#15 - Auburned Out (Staffel 8 - Folge 3)

Mike takes a gamble on a 1935 Auburn that's either a diamond in the rough or a total dud. The guys tread dangerous ground while picking an Iowa Harley enthusiast. And Dave unveils a project one year in the making that's also Mike's biggest-ever investment.

The episode was rated 7,26 from 42 votes.

American Pickers - S8E10

#14 - Big Moe (Staffel 8 - Folge 10)


Big Moe's negotiating skills have Mike feeling a bit small; and Pastor Bill lives every day like it's Christmas.

The episode was rated 7,57 from 60 votes.

American Pickers - S8E15

#13 - From A to T (Staffel 8 - Folge 15)

Frank makes a shrewd bid that leads to a big discovery; Mike falls hard for two century-old cars.

The episode was rated 7,59 from 76 votes.

American Pickers - S8E9

#12 - Museum Man (Staffel 8 - Folge 9)


In Indiana, the guys discover a collection so big and rare it's enough to start a one-man museum, but how do you put a price on the priceless?

The episode was rated 7,62 from 76 votes.

American Pickers - S8E6

#11 - Grudge Match (Staffel 8 - Folge 6)

It’s Frank vs. Mike when the guys take to the track for a grudge match drag race to see who has the fastest ride.

The episode was rated 7,62 from 29 votes.

American Pickers - S8E14

#10 - The Maineiacs (Staffel 8 - Folge 14)


The guys discover a reclusive octogenarian Maine-iac deep in the north woods, and pay a visit to Timtown–a one-man village with 42 jam-packed buildings.

The episode was rated 7,63 from 81 votes.

American Pickers - S8E4

#9 - If You Talk Nice to Me (Staffel 8 - Folge 4)

Mike is on a mission to buy a rare cycle car he's coveted for more than two years, but they have to make it through a gauntlet of coin tosses and sweet talking to seal the big deals.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 31 votes.

American Pickers - S8E11

#8 - May the Ford Be With You (Staffel 8 - Folge 11)


Mike and Frank undertake a major excavation to unearth a rare vintage auto that hasn't seen daylight in decades, but could be worth a fortune.

The episode was rated 7,69 from 58 votes.

American Pickers - S8E13

#7 - Let It Go (Staffel 8 - Folge 13)

Mike and Frank stage a picking intervention in Massachusetts and later, help a collector whose massive stockpile is facing eviction.

The episode was rated 7,71 from 70 votes.

American Pickers - S8E1

#6 - The More You No (Staffel 8 - Folge 1)


Mike, Frank, Danielle and Robbie continue to double down in Virginia, but hit a roadblock with a seller who won't let go of a one-of-a-kind find.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 25 votes.

American Pickers - S8E12

#5 - The Pickin' or the Egg (Staffel 8 - Folge 12)

A Maine homestead reveals six generations of secrets, and NASCAR legend Ryan Newman proves that when it comes to negotiating, he’s just as tough as Danielle.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 43 votes.

American Pickers - S8E5

#4 - Let's Be Frank (Staffel 8 - Folge 5)


When Frank meets Frank, it's a match made in picking heaven; in Illinois, the guys discover a trove of unusual micro-cars.

The episode was rated 7,78 from 23 votes.

American Pickers - S8E7

#3 - Escape to Motor Mountain (Staffel 8 - Folge 7)

The pickers discover a mountain of motorcycles, but it's protected by booby traps; and one stubborn collector stands in the way of the guys and a mega-warehouse mega-pick.

The episode was rated 7,82 from 34 votes.

American Pickers - S8E2

#2 - Thunderdome (Staffel 8 - Folge 2)


It's make or break for the Virginia blitz strategy. Mike and Frank meet a real-deal motorcycle legend ready to clear out some of his high-octane stock, and a VIP pass to a unique mancave turns up a rare item that's old and odd.

The episode was rated 7,90 from 29 votes.

American Pickers - S8E8

#1 - Everything Must Go (Staffel 8 - Folge 8)

They guys are on the trail of two vintage Harleys in Pennsylvania, but Frank gets more than he bargained for when one bike collector takes a liking to him.

The episode was rated 8,29 from 17 votes.

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