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10 Beste Episodes of American Pickers - Season 7

Pickers like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America, even if it means diving into countless piles of grimy junk or getting chased off a gun-wielding homeowner’s land. Hitting back roads from coast to coast, the two men earn a living by restoring forgotten relics to their former glory, transforming one person’s trash into another’s treasure.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Feb 10, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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American Pickers - S7E10

#15 - Cammy Camaro (Staffel 7 - Folge 10)

The guys are freestyling in Kansas with a completely empty van when they stumble upon a staggering honey hole. Later, a couple's garage sale collection looks like a bust. That is, until the guys uncover barn after barn of awesome stuff. Meanwhile in Iowa, Danielle learns that Frank's coin-op motorbike is worth some serious coin.

The episode was rated 7,63 from 16 votes.

American Pickers - S7E26

#14 - Sweet Homes Alabama (Staffel 7 - Folge 26)


Picking the South pays off when Alabama turns up a jackpot of unusual items, including a pricey relic from a legendary plantation home. A small-town Chevy dealership is a time capsule of classic car nostalgia. And the guys get some Southern hospitality at a freestyle stop that turns into a mega-pick complete with its own general store.

The episode was rated 7,63 from 52 votes.

American Pickers - S7E16

#13 - The King's Ransom (Staffel 7 - Folge 16)

Mike and Frank find themselves in paradise when they unearth an elephant, an alligator, and a life-size sculpture of Elvis in rural Vermont. While freestyling in New York, an awesome rusted-out trailer leads to a treasure trove of folk art finds and rare military memorabilia. Back in Iowa, Danielle gets encouraging news from an appraiser, but construction on the store is causing a headache.

The episode was rated 7,66 from 67 votes.

American Pickers - S7E19

#12 - The Mega-Pick (Staffel 7 - Folge 19)


The deals are flying when a Colorado property turns out to be a mega-pick. Down the road in Massachusetts, the guys visit a one-of-a-kind classic car collection where they bid huge money on a 1961 Messerschmitt. Meanwhile in Nashville, Danielle lines up a potential buyer for the rare Fiat cutaway car the guys shipped back from Italy.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 56 votes.

American Pickers - S7E8

#11 - Tough Texas (Staffel 7 - Folge 8)

The guys reckon petroliana is plentiful in the Lone Star State, but tracking down a Texas-sized honey hole proves much trickier than expected. Still in search of a big-ticket trip saver, the guys move on to Illinois where they uncover one of the coolest cars they've ever seen. Meanwhile, in order to make a decent profit, Mike ups his $30,000 gamble on a Harley Knucklehead.

The episode was rated 7,70 from 20 votes.

American Pickers - S7E31

#10 - Big Boy Toys (Staffel 7 - Folge 31)


At an awesome California garage, Mike goes nuts for a must-have retro boat and then falls for a BMW micro car that could be worth some serious coin. Down the road, the guys pay a return visit to a totally rad radiator shop where they comb through the late owner's huge stockpile.

The episode was rated 7,71 from 42 votes.

American Pickers - S7E27

#9 - Need for Speed (Staffel 7 - Folge 27)

The guys hit pay dirt in Alabama while freestyling at a retro automotive warehouse owned by a true blue racing family. They hit a dead end negotiating against the county's former police chief. And Mike hatches a strategy to walk away with a must-have Lambretta scooter.

The episode was rated 7,71 from 42 votes.

American Pickers - S7E24

#8 - Mad as a Picker (Staffel 7 - Folge 24)


Danielle and the guys kick it into overdrive when they land a high-profile custom pick for Dollywood, the theme park owned by legendary country music star Dolly Parton. A tribute to the Smokey Mountain Fire Patrol of the 1930s, the park's brand new roller coaster wouldn't be complete without some key pieces of vintage petroliana. And the team has just two weeks to uncover a long list of hard-to-find items.

The episode was rated 7,71 from 49 votes.

American Pickers - S7E28

#7 - Shock Value (Staffel 7 - Folge 28)

A collector with an unusual taste for high voltage oddities reveals his shocking stash, and Mike and Frank's luck runs cold when they're stonewalled by the Willett brothers.

The episode was rated 7,76 from 37 votes.

American Pickers - S7E7

#6 - Dani Smells a Rat Rod (Staffel 7 - Folge 7)


In Kansas, Mike and Frank meet an octogenarian artist whose collection includes a shrine to each of his six ex-wives and every other woman he’s ever been with. Picking a fellow picker, the guys visit a sprawling junkyard that’s packed with rusty gold. Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Danielle discovers the guys have been keeping an expensive secret from her.

The episode was rated 7,80 from 20 votes.

American Pickers - S7E6

#5 - Pick or Treat (Staffel 7 - Folge 6)

With a line-up of hair-raising Halloween picks, the guys crawl back underground in Pennsylvania in search of the "Mole Man." Later, the guys look for rusty relics at an abandoned Oklahoma amusement park. In Missouri, Mike and Frank tour a former penitentiary with a seriously spooky vibe. Notorious for hauntings, the massive institution is one of the darkest and creepiest places they've ever picked.

The episode was rated 7,80 from 20 votes.

American Pickers - S7E32

#4 - Plymouth Rocks (Staffel 7 - Folge 32)


In car country, Mike falls hard for a 100-year-old turbo-charged hotrod; the guys land some sweet deals at a massive man cave, and Frank rescues a vintage muscle car from a rusty demise.

The episode was rated 7,82 from 44 votes.

American Pickers - S7E34

#3 - Virginia Is for Pickers (Staffel 7 - Folge 34)

It's a picking blitz in the state of Virginia, when Mike, Frank, Robbie and Danielle all hit the road to leave no lead unturned.

The episode was rated 7,85 from 41 votes.

American Pickers - S7E9

#2 - Picking It Forward (Staffel 7 - Folge 9)


A Kansas junkyard is packed with rusty old cars, signs, and machinery, but it's nothing compared to the awesome collection inside. Later, in a town that was annihilated by a tornado, the guys put picking aside to jump-start a charity auction instead. Meanwhile in Iowa, the construction crew uncovers a costly surprise while breaking ground on the new store addition.

The episode was rated 7,86 from 14 votes.

American Pickers - S7E33

#1 - Rocket Man (Staffel 7 - Folge 33)

Mike and Frank make a scene when they hit the streets in a one-of-a-kind rocket car.

The episode was rated 7,90 from 40 votes.

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