10 Beste Episodes of Alone - Season 10

Alone is a survivalist show that was first aired in 2015 on the History channel. It has been running for 10 seasons, with each season featuring a group of hardcore survivalists who are sent to the Vancouver Island wilderness with no camera crews, teams, or producers. The show has many epic moments, but also some episodes that arenโ€™t as highly ranked. We are now going to take a look at the worst episodes of Alone, ranked.

When looking at the worst episodes of Alone, several factors can come into play. This includes the overall challenge that the contestants faced, if the contestants were able to complete their goals, and the entertainment factor of the episode. All of these elements are considered when ranking the worst episodes of Alone.

The following list contains the 10 worst episodes of Alone, ranked from least to most worst. Each episode is unique and provides viewers with an interesting look at the show as a whole. It is interesting to see how some of the contestants fared in their challenges and which episodes were considered to be the worst.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Jun 18, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Alone - S10E5

#11 - Spirit Bear (Staffel 10 - Folge 5)

The survivalists find themselves pivoting as new challenges test their strength; one participant loses a valuable resource, while another is pushed to their absolute limit.

The episode was rated 7,51 from 146 votes.

Alone - S10E4

#10 - Lake of Thieves (Staffel 10 - Folge 4)


As the participants finally get into a rhythm, loneliness begins to settle in for the survivalists; one seemingly small choice proves to be a disastrous mistake for one participant, while another has an encounter with a vicious predator.

The episode was rated 7,52 from 166 votes.

Alone - S10E8

#9 - Infestation (Staffel 10 - Folge 8)

As winter rapidly approaches, the survivalists struggle to keep up with the demands of solitary living; one participant struggles with nocturnal invaders, and another reaches a breaking point.

The episode was rated 7,53 from 161 votes.

Alone - S10E1

#8 - Game On (Staffel 10 - Folge 1)


Ten new participants compete to win $500,000 in the show's most remote location yet, northern Saskatchewan; as the survivalists set out into the wilderness searching for food and shelter, one participant makes a costly mistake.

The episode was rated 7,57 from 194 votes.

Alone - S10E2

#7 - Ties That Bind (Staffel 10 - Folge 2)

As the survivalists struggle to find their footing, signs of winter's onslaught motivates them to put their plans into action; some claim their first victories, while one participant grapples an unexpected issue.

The episode was rated 7,60 from 178 votes.

Alone - S10E10

#6 - Rats (Staffel 10 - Folge 10)


In this intense episode of "Alone," the survivalists are pushed to their limits as they approach day 50 at Reindeer Lake. As the temperatures plummet, desperation sets in, and the true test of their willpower begins. With personal demons surfacing, tension fills the air, making for a gripping watch.

Among the challenges faced by the participants, one survivalist's shelter is on the brink of collapse. The elements relentlessly batter their sanctuary, putting their safety and comfort in jeopardy. Will they be able to endure the harsh conditions and find a way to reinforce their shelter? Or will they be forced to brave the elements without proper protection?

Adding to the already harrowing situation, an unexpected visitor pays a visit to another survivalist. But this visitor is far from welcome. As an unwelcome predator lurks nearby, the survivalist must navigate the delicate balance between staying hidden and protecting themselves. Will they be able to outsmart this predator and ensure their own safety? Tune in to find out the outcome of this nerve-wracking encounter.

In this gripping episode of "Alone," the survivalists face their toughest challenges yet. With their shelters at risk and predators on the prowl, the stakes are higher than ever. Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and continue their fight for survival? Tune in to witness the relentless battle against nature and the strength of the human spirit.

The episode was rated 7,61 from 139 votes.

Alone - S10E9

#5 - Splintered (Staffel 10 - Folge 9)

In the latest episode of the thrilling survival show "Alone," titled "Splintered," winter takes hold, and the survivalists find themselves facing new challenges. As the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, the contestants must quickly adapt to the harsh conditions. The biting cold becomes more than just a physical obstacle; it tests the mental fortitude and determination of the participants.

As the winter storm rages on, the survivalists are overwhelmed with a rush of emotions. Will they be able to withstand the solitude and isolation? The $500,000 prize hangs in the balance as their resolve is put to the ultimate test. One survivalist, undeterred by the dark and chilling days ahead, finds solace in their newfound routine and pushes forward, determined to outlast the competition.

But just when things seem to settle, a surprising discovery throws a wrench into the carefully constructed plans of another participant. What could this unexpected twist mean for their chances of survival and victory? Tune in to "Alone: Splintered" to find out how these resourceful individuals navigate the treacherous winter landscape and continue their quest for the ultimate prize.

The episode was rated 7,67 from 148 votes.

Alone - S10E6

#4 - King's Gambit (Staffel 10 - Folge 6)


A sudden shift in weather tests the strength of the survivalist's shelters, as well as their resolve; unable to exit their shelters, one survivalist carves out creative ways to pass the time while another struggles to cope.

The episode was rated 7,67 from 150 votes.

Alone - S10E3

#3 - Growing Pains (Staffel 10 - Folge 3)

As the participants get past the shock of being dropped in the wild, the ability to think outside the box proves fruitful to some but a detriment to others; some grapple with the choice between building a permanent shelter and securing food early.

The episode was rated 7,67 from 150 votes.

Alone - S10E7

#2 - Aftermath (Staffel 10 - Folge 7)


Reeling from a storm, the remaining participants continue to deal with the consequences of their actions; one survivalist's food supply is threatened, while another reveals a secret that jeopardizes their chances of winning.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 170 votes.

Alone - S10E11

#1 - By Any Means (Staffel 10 - Folge 11)

In this intense episode of Alone, titled "By Any Means," the three remaining survivalists are gearing up for the ultimate showdown. With the finish line in sight, they know that the stakes have never been higher.

As the harsh winter conditions continue to take their toll, one participant finds themselves struggling to stay warm. Battling against the biting cold becomes a formidable challenge, testing their resourcefulness and determination. Will they be able to find a solution and persevere in the face of adversity?

Meanwhile, others are willing to go to great lengths to secure their chance at victory. Venturing out onto the treacherous ice, these brave individuals put everything on the line. With so much at stake, every decision becomes a calculated risk. Who will emerge victorious and claim the coveted $500,000 prize? Tune in to find out in this thrilling episode of Alone.

The episode was rated 8,08 from 138 votes.

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