10 Beste Episodes of Alone - Season 9

Alone is a survivalist show that was first aired in 2015 on the History channel. It has been running for 10 seasons, with each season featuring a group of hardcore survivalists who are sent to the Vancouver Island wilderness with no camera crews, teams, or producers. The show has many epic moments, but also some episodes that aren’t as highly ranked. We are now going to take a look at the worst episodes of Alone, ranked.

When looking at the worst episodes of Alone, several factors can come into play. This includes the overall challenge that the contestants faced, if the contestants were able to complete their goals, and the entertainment factor of the episode. All of these elements are considered when ranking the worst episodes of Alone.

The following list contains the 10 worst episodes of Alone, ranked from least to most worst. Each episode is unique and provides viewers with an interesting look at the show as a whole. It is interesting to see how some of the contestants fared in their challenges and which episodes were considered to be the worst.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Jun 18, 2023.

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Alone - S9E9

#11 - The Ice Up (Staffel 9 - Folge 9)

As the river begins its freeze, the participants suffer major setbacks; one survivalist doubles down on a daring strategy; another reaches their limit.

The episode was rated 7,50 from 189 votes.

Alone - S9E2

#10 - Consequences (Staffel 9 - Folge 2)


As hunger rapidly sets in, the remaining participants rush to get familiar with the land and do whatever it takes to secure food; one survivalist thinks outside the box for dinner; one participant struggles and makes a costly mistake.

The episode was rated 7,59 from 225 votes.

Alone - S9E8

#9 - Gut Feeling (Staffel 9 - Folge 8)

Alone's Gut Feeling episode puts the remaining participants to the ultimate test as they are pushed to their limits and must look to the past for answers. One survivalist takes a dangerous fall, and another suffers pains that only seem to get worse. This episode really shows the true strength and determination of each of the participants as they search for ways to survive in the wilderness.

The Gut Feeling episode is a testament to the human spirit and will to survive. It is incredible to watch as each of the participants push themselves to the brink of their physical and mental capabilities in order to succeed. This episode is an inspiring reminder of how powerful the human spirit is and how far we can go when we put our minds to it.

The episode was rated 7,60 from 189 votes.

Alone - S9E10

#8 - Winter's Grasp (Staffel 9 - Folge 10)


A fierce snow storm wreaks havoc on the remaining survivalists; one participant attempts to warm their shelter, while another struggles with their health as the weather piles on.

The episode was rated 7,61 from 193 votes.

Alone - S9E11

#7 - Fight, Flight or Freeze (Staffel 9 - Folge 11)

In this episode of Alone, the final three participants must battle the harsh snowstorms and freezing temperatures of Labrador. They are tested to the limit, both mentally and physically, as their abilities are pushed to the extreme. With the winner and runner-up predicted from the introduction, viewers can expect a thrilling conclusion to the season.

The participants must not only survive the cold, they must also battle the elements. With snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures, they face a difficult situation. With their minds and bodies tested to the limit, the participants must choose whether to fight, flight or freeze. Will they be able to persevere and make it to the end?

The episode was rated 7,65 from 185 votes.

Alone - S9E7

#6 - The Birds (Staffel 9 - Folge 7)


In the episode of Alone titled "The Birds," some of the participants find success in hunting and the prospects of a long stay increase. One participant makes an unexpected discovery while another faces a looming threat that may push them to their limit.

The episode focuses on Karie Lee and her nonexistent shelter. As viewers watch her struggle to make it in the wilderness, they can't help but feel distraught. Through sheer determination and perseverance, she eventually discovers a way to turn her situation around and make the best of her current predicament.

The episode was rated 7,66 from 215 votes.

Alone - S9E4

#5 - The Beaver (Staffel 9 - Folge 4)

In the episode of Alone titled "The Beaver," seven participants are settling into their new surroundings in the Canadian wilderness of Labrador. In order to survive, they must procure food for the long haul, risking their own safety in the process. One survivalist, in search of food, risks hypothermia by entering the icy waters of the Labrador sea. Another participant attempts to take on a task that proves to be too much for them to handle.

The Beaver is an episode that showcases how the participants must face the elements to survive. The harsh conditions of the wilderness tests each participant's courage and resilience as they take on the risks of procuring food. Despite the dangerous situations the participants face, they remain determined and strive to survive the extreme conditions of the wilderness.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 207 votes.

Alone - S9E5

#4 - The Land Giveth… (Staffel 9 - Folge 5)


Alone's episode, "The Land Giveth...", follows the participants as they search for new ways to hunt and preserve their food sources. One survivalist is seen leaning heavily on a shelter build that proves to be taxing, while another takes a break to satisfy their own needs.

This episode dives into the lengths that the survivalists must go to to ensure their own survival. The shelter build is a challenging task that takes time, energy, and resources to complete, yet is a vital part of the participants' safety and security. At the same time, it is important for the survivalists to remember to take breaks and enjoy the small moments of sustenance.

The episode was rated 7,71 from 213 votes.

Alone - S9E6

#3 - The Weasel (Staffel 9 - Folge 6)

The participants of the show Alone are nearing their first thirty days in Labrador and their lack of food is beginning to take its toll. Competing against each other, the participants are striving to make every opportunity for food count, no matter how creative it gets. In the episode "The Weasel", the participants will be forced to think outside the box as they search for food and attempt to survive in the harsh environment.

The stakes are high and every resource is valuable. Every participant is feeling the strain of the environment and the competition, but they must remain vigilant and keep their wits about them if they are to survive. With the clock ticking, the participants must make sure they don't miss any opportunity to nourish themselves and make it to the thirty day mark. The episode of Alone titled "The Weasel" will show the participants in their most desperate moments, attempting to make the most of their resources and their ingenuity.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 215 votes.

Alone - S9E3

#2 - The Law of the Land (Staffel 9 - Folge 3)


Alone is an intense reality show about participants trying to survive in remote locations in Canada and the Arctic. This episode, The Law of the Land, focuses on the participants as they struggle to prepare for the approaching winter. They must build permanent shelters and find food, and many of them find the challenge difficult. Despite the obstacles, one of the participants almost grabs an opportunity that passes them by. Unfortunately, another participant is bracing for a potentially deadly encounter.

The Law of the Land is an episode that really highlights the extreme conditions the participants face and their determination to endure it. Many of them face a tough situation, but they strive to make the most of it. One participant even comes close to seizing an opportunity, only to watch it slip through their fingers. On the other hand, another participant is in a much more dangerous situation, and we can only hope that they make it through in one piece.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 216 votes.

Alone - S9E1

#1 - Drop Shock (Staffel 9 - Folge 1)

This episode of Alone features ten new participants who are sent to Big River, Labrador to test their survival skills. The participants face a unique challenge: avoiding the stalking predator, the Polar bear. This is a dangerous animal that could cause serious harm to the participants if they are not careful. The participants must use their knowledge and skills to outsmart this dangerous animal and survive in this isolated area.

The participants must also use their wits to survive the elements of this harsh environment. In addition to dealing with the Polar bear, the participants must contend with the frigid temperatures, the difficult terrain, and the lack of resources. Despite these challenges, the participants must remain determined and use their wilderness knowledge to stay alive.

The episode was rated 7,85 from 234 votes.

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