10 Beste Episodes of Alone - Season 6

Alone is a survivalist show that was first aired in 2015 on the History channel. It has been running for 10 seasons, with each season featuring a group of hardcore survivalists who are sent to the Vancouver Island wilderness with no camera crews, teams, or producers. The show has many epic moments, but also some episodes that aren’t as highly ranked. We are now going to take a look at the worst episodes of Alone, ranked.

When looking at the worst episodes of Alone, several factors can come into play. This includes the overall challenge that the contestants faced, if the contestants were able to complete their goals, and the entertainment factor of the episode. All of these elements are considered when ranking the worst episodes of Alone.

The following list contains the 10 worst episodes of Alone, ranked from least to most worst. Each episode is unique and provides viewers with an interesting look at the show as a whole. It is interesting to see how some of the contestants fared in their challenges and which episodes were considered to be the worst.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Jun 18, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Alone - S6E8

#11 - Out Cold (Staffel 6 - Folge 8)

In the episode of Alone titled "Out Cold", the remaining participants feel the effects of starvation as the competition continues. One participant struggles to stay in the game even though her body is starting to give out. She is determined to continue and fight for her spot, but her body is failing her. On the other hand, another participant is surprisingly losing weight, even though he has an abundance of food. It is unclear why he is losing weight and the others are struggling to stay alive.

The episode of Alone titled "Out Cold" is a testament to the toll that starvation takes on the human body. It shows the strength of the human spirit and will to survive, even in the face of overwhelming odds. It also questions the power of the mind and how it can affect the body, as the participant with the food continues to lose weight. The episode is an intense and emotional ride, as the participants battle against the elements and each other to stay in the competition.

The episode was rated 7,58 from 245 votes.

Alone - S6E3

#10 - Up in Flames (Staffel 6 - Folge 3)


The remaining survivalists start seeing their hard work pay off as they procure food, but as the days mount and the isolation continues, contestants start to notice the physical and mental toll of surviving arctic.

The episode was rated 7,59 from 282 votes.

Alone - S6E2

#9 - Tainted (Staffel 6 - Folge 2)

On the latest episode of Alone, participants face the daunting task of making it through a week in the wilderness with no help from civilization. As the week progresses, the participants are forced to take risks to find food, and one of the participants finds himself with a serious infection. This infection becomes so severe that it even causes the participant to consider leaving the competition early.

The stakes are high for the participants, as the infection could have been caused by the risky choices they have made to find food. With no help from civilization, the participants must find a way to treat the infection and continue on in the competition. The episode provides an interesting look at the physical and mental struggles of the participants as they battle the elements and their own personal limitations.

The episode was rated 7,61 from 283 votes.

Alone - S6E6

#8 - Ablaze (Staffel 6 - Folge 6)


On the Alone show, the episode called Ablaze follows the participants into their fourth week of survival in the wilderness. This episode is full of obstacles that threaten their chances of success. One contestant is forced to defend themselves from a huge predator, while another risks losing their shelter due to an unfortunate accident. The greatest challenge of all is the one of being completely alone and having to rely on oneself for all the necessary resources for survival.

The Ablaze episode of Alone showcases the contestants having to face the harsh realities of surviving in the wilderness and the struggles that come with that. The environment of the wilderness is full of potential dangers and the participants are pushed to their limits as they battle with the elements of nature, both physically and mentally. The episode brings out the emotions of loneliness and isolation that come with being alone in the wilderness and highlights the importance of the mental strength the participants need to make it through the competition.

The episode was rated 7,61 from 244 votes.

Alone - S6E7

#7 - Night Raider (Staffel 6 - Folge 7)

In the second episode of Alone, titled "Night Raider," the survivalists are faced with a new challenge: winter is closing in and with it comes predators looking to steal their precious food stores. In order to stay alive, the participants are forced to rethink their strategies and one of them makes a brave stand by confronting the Arctic's most ferocious creature.

The episode follows the struggles of the contestants as they attempt to survive the harsh winter. There is an ever-present threat of an intruder who could take away their limited resources, and they must come up with creative strategies to protect their food. The tension is high as they confront the Arctic's most dangerous animal and the stakes are even higher when they realize the consequences of their actions.

Ultimately, the episode is a thrilling look at the lengths people will go to in order to survive. With the freezing temperatures and limited resources, the participants are pushed to their limits as they fight for their lives. The episode is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit and a reminder that we can overcome any obstacle if we put our minds to it.

The episode was rated 7,64 from 259 votes.

Alone - S6E5

#6 - The Kill (Staffel 6 - Folge 5)


In the episode, “The Kill”, from the show Alone, participants must pursue smaller food sources, but one survivalist finally has the chance to take down big game. This risky move attracts unwanted attention from predators.

The episode follows the survivalist as he takes on the challenge of hunting big game in an attempt to acquire more food. He must be careful, however, as this puts him at risk of being attacked by wild predators. The survivalist must use his skills and knowledge to take down big game while also avoiding predators. The tension and suspense of the episode make it an exciting watch.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 272 votes.

Alone - S6E4

#5 - The Moose (Staffel 6 - Folge 4)

In the latest episode of Alone, the survivalists take a serious approach to hunting before the wildlife starts to disappear for the winter. One of the participants has a chance to make history by taking down big game and another is set back by a nasty puncture wound.

This episode of Alone featured a challenging hunt for the survivalists as they faced the dwindling wildlife of winter. One of the participants had the opportunity to make history by attempting to take down big game, while another had to cope with a nasty puncture wound. The participants showed resilience, determination and courage as they faced the harsh winter conditions and the scarcity of the wildlife.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 276 votes.

Alone - S6E1

#4 - Icebreaker (Staffel 6 - Folge 1)


In the episode Icebreaker of the show Alone, ten new survivalists have a chance to win $500,000 by enduring the coldest location the series has visited, the Arctic. The episode starts off with a harsh storm which the participants have to grapple with.

The participants must use their skills and knowledge to survive in the harsh environment of the Arctic. It is a test of their physical and mental strength as well as their determination to win the grand prize. Viewers will be taken on an exciting and thrilling journey as the participants battle the elements for the chance to be the last one standing.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 308 votes.

Alone - S6E9

#3 - The Ice Cometh (Staffel 6 - Folge 9)

In the hit show Alone, the episode "The Ice Cometh" brings viewers to the extreme and unforgiving Arctic winter. As the temperatures drop, the participants must find ways to secure basic resources for survival. One participant is losing weight at a rapid, dangerous rate, while another is constantly being harassed by the predators of the unforgiving terrain. Another contestant wakes up one morning to a grave discovery - the winter has only just begun.

The episode focuses on the harsh conditions the participants must face in their bid to survive the extreme climate. With limited resources and no one to help, they must rely on their own strength and ingenuity to stay alive. Viewers will watch as some fight to stay warm while others attempt to build shelters and secure food. As the winter progresses, the contestants must find ways to stay warm and keep their spirits up, while also battling the ruthless predators and the icy cold.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 245 votes.

Alone - S6E10

#2 - Thin Ice (Staffel 6 - Folge 10)


In the episode Thin Ice of the show Alone, the survivalists are tested by the coldest temperatures yet in their quest to survive in the wilderness. As the lake freezes, resources become scarce and their safety is threatened, each survivalist's courage and resourcefulness is put to the test. One participant's determination and strength of spirit is pushed to the brink, and they are soon faced with the ultimate challenge of their perseverance.

The episode highlights the harsh conditions of the wilderness and the mental and physical endurance of the survivalists. As the temperatures drop and resources become scarce, the struggle to survive intensifies. The drama of the episode is heightened by the isolated nature of the environment and the desperation of the participants. Through the episode, viewers get an insight into the power of the wilderness and the strength of the human spirit.

The episode was rated 7,75 from 250 votes.

Alone - S6E11

#1 - Fire and Ice (Staffel 6 - Folge 11)

The final three survivalists in the Alone TV show season continue to fight the elements and predators of the Arctic to win the grand prize of $500,000. The bitter cold and lack of food makes their journey all the harder and a devastating event causes one participant to lose everything. Despite all of the challenges, the remaining survivalists do not give up and push onward. In the end, only one of them succeeds in conquering the Arctic and is crowned the winner.

The winner of this season of Alone is undoubtedly deserving of the title. They persevered through extreme temperatures and fought off predators to reach the end of their journey. They endured the worst the Arctic had to offer and came out on top, proving themselves to be an incredible survivalist. The winner of this season of Alone exemplifies what it takes to be a true survivor.

The episode was rated 8,36 from 242 votes.

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