10 Beste Episodes of Alone - Season 11

Alone is a survivalist show that was first aired in 2015 on the History channel. It has been running for 10 seasons, with each season featuring a group of hardcore survivalists who are sent to the Vancouver Island wilderness with no camera crews, teams, or producers. The show has many epic moments, but also some episodes that aren’t as highly ranked. We are now going to take a look at the worst episodes of Alone, ranked.

When looking at the worst episodes of Alone, several factors can come into play. This includes the overall challenge that the contestants faced, if the contestants were able to complete their goals, and the entertainment factor of the episode. All of these elements are considered when ranking the worst episodes of Alone.

The following list contains the 10 worst episodes of Alone, ranked from least to most worst. Each episode is unique and provides viewers with an interesting look at the show as a whole. It is interesting to see how some of the contestants fared in their challenges and which episodes were considered to be the worst.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Jun 18, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Alone - S11E2

#4 - Opportunity Cost (Staffel 11 - Folge 2)

In this gripping episode of "Alone" titled "Opportunity Cost," five brave survivalists venture into the unforgiving Mackenzie River Delta, facing a myriad of obstacles in the harsh Arctic wilderness. As the participants navigate this uncharted territory, they are confronted with unexpected challenges that test their resilience and resourcefulness. Will they rise to the occasion or succumb to the harsh realities of nature?

As the tension mounts, a pivotal moment arises when an opportunity presents itself to the survivalists. The question lingers - will they seize the chance to gain an advantage in their battle for survival, or will hesitation cost them dearly in this ruthless environment? With each decision carrying immense weight, the stakes are higher than ever as they strive to outlast not only the elements but also their own limitations.

Amidst the uncertainty and intensity, the episode takes a dramatic turn as one participant faces the devastating loss of a crucial item, throwing their carefully laid plans into disarray. Meanwhile, another embarks on a perilous journey, setting the stage for what could be the hunt of a lifetime. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are drawn deeper into the gripping tale of human endurance and the relentless pursuit of victory against all odds in the breathtaking backdrop of the Arctic wilderness.

The episode was rated 7,68 from 91 votes.

Alone - S11E3

#3 - Fortune (Staffel 11 - Folge 3)


In this intense episode of "Alone" titled "Fortune," the survivalists are faced with the harsh reality of the Arctic Winter closing in. With hunger gnawing at them, the participants are pushed to their limits as they strive to secure food for sustenance. The urgency to procure nourishment is heightened as days pass without any substantial food intake, testing their resilience in the unforgiving wilderness.

As the pressure mounts and the stakes get higher, the survivalists must dig deep within themselves to muster the strength and determination needed to overcome the challenges ahead. The relentless pursuit of food becomes not just a physical necessity but a mental battle as well, pushing the contestants to explore new strategies and techniques in their quest for sustenance. Will they be able to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity, or will the harsh conditions prove to be too much for them to bear?

Join us in this gripping episode of "Alone" as we witness the survivalists navigate the treacherous terrain, confront their inner demons, and strive to seize their fortune in the wilderness. With each passing moment bringing them closer to their limits, the participants must rely on their skills, resourcefulness, and sheer determination to outlast the challenges that lie ahead. Tune in to see who will emerge victorious in the ultimate test of survival in the Arctic wilderness.

The episode was rated 7,72 from 81 votes.

Alone - S11E1

#2 - Enter The Circle (Staffel 11 - Folge 1)

In the chilling episode "Enter The Circle" of the gripping survival show Alone, viewers are taken to the most remote location yet—north of the Arctic Circle. Ten brave survivalists are thrust into the unforgiving cold and diminishing sunlight, all vying for the ultimate prize of $500,000. As they gear up to combat freezing temperatures and navigate the treacherous terrain, the harsh reality of the Mackenzie River Delta sets in, becoming a formidable adversary for each contestant.

Against the backdrop of the Arctic wilderness, the tension mounts as the presence of grizzly bears and wolves adds an extra layer of danger to the already challenging conditions. Amidst the struggle for survival, one participant faces a surprising revelation—the true threat might not be the external elements or wildlife, but rather the internal demons and personal hurdles that could jeopardize their chances of enduring the harsh environment and outlasting the competition.

With each passing moment, "Enter The Circle" keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, immersing them in the raw and unpredictable world of survival in the Arctic wilderness. As the survivalists push their limits and confront their fears, the episode offers a riveting glimpse into the resilience and determination required to thrive in one of the harshest environments on the planet. Tune in to witness the gripping journey of these intrepid individuals as they navigate the challenges of nature and self-discovery in a quest for survival and victory.

The episode was rated 7,78 from 101 votes.

Alone - S11E4

#1 - Legacy (Staffel 11 - Folge 4)


In this gripping episode of "Alone" titled "Legacy," the tension escalates as the survivalists face a myriad of challenges in the unforgiving wilderness. As they push into the second week of the competition, the stakes get higher, testing their resilience and determination. Viewers are in for a rollercoaster ride as the survivalists navigate through the unpredictable twists and turns that come their way.

Amidst the rugged terrain and harsh conditions, unexpected obstacles present themselves, keeping the contestants on their toes. From unwelcome visitors raiding their camps to nature's relentless onslaught, the survivalists find themselves constantly adapting and strategizing to stay in the game. The episode keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering how each contestant will tackle the hurdles thrown their way.

As the drama unfolds, one lucky survivalist seizes a second chance at a game-changing opportunity. With the spotlight on them, the pressure is on to make the most of this shot at securing their place in the competition. Will they rise to the occasion and leave a lasting legacy, or will the challenges prove too daunting? Tune in to "Alone: Legacy" to witness the thrilling journey of survival, perseverance, and the quest for victory in the wilderness.

The episode was rated 8,18 from 40 votes.

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