10 Beste Episodes of Alone - Season 7

Alone is a survivalist show that was first aired in 2015 on the History channel. It has been running for 10 seasons, with each season featuring a group of hardcore survivalists who are sent to the Vancouver Island wilderness with no camera crews, teams, or producers. The show has many epic moments, but also some episodes that arenโ€™t as highly ranked. We are now going to take a look at the worst episodes of Alone, ranked.

When looking at the worst episodes of Alone, several factors can come into play. This includes the overall challenge that the contestants faced, if the contestants were able to complete their goals, and the entertainment factor of the episode. All of these elements are considered when ranking the worst episodes of Alone.

The following list contains the 10 worst episodes of Alone, ranked from least to most worst. Each episode is unique and provides viewers with an interesting look at the show as a whole. It is interesting to see how some of the contestants fared in their challenges and which episodes were considered to be the worst.

Written by Sophie and last updated on Jun 18, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Alone - S7E2

#11 - The Rock House (Staffel 7 - Folge 2)

In order to endure the Arctic for 100 days, the participants start building shelters that can make it for the long haul, turning their attention to procuring food and inadvertently drawing the attention of dangerous predators.

The episode was rated 7,56 from 239 votes.

Alone - S7E4

#10 - The Fly (Staffel 7 - Folge 4)


Participants begin successfully procuring food but still find themselves vulnerable to the Arctic's many dangers. A sudden illness attacks one participant, while another is tormented by a tiny invader.

The episode was rated 7,58 from 212 votes.

Alone - S7E8

#9 - Up In Smoke (Staffel 7 - Folge 8)

In the latest episode of Alone, titled "Up In Smoke", four survivalists are striving to complete their shelters before winter arrives. One of them is in a race against time to prevent their shot at a million dollars from being compromised. As the stakes get higher, the tension intensifies.

The viewers were left in suspense throughout the episode, with many doubting if any of the survivalists will make it. Spoiler alert: two of the survivalists were eliminated in one shot, leaving only four remaining. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, making viewers eagerly anticipate the next episode to see how the remaining survivalists fare.

The episode was rated 7,60 from 225 votes.

Alone - S7E5

#8 - The Rock (Staffel 7 - Folge 5)


On the latest episode of Alone, the participants face choppy waters and brazen predators. In order to survive, they must shift strategies or starve. One of the participants sets his sights on big game and takes a risk to try and catch something large.

The episode has viewers on the edge of their seat and eagerly awaiting for the next episode. This episode had viewers wondering what will be the outcome and what risks will be taken by the participants. The viewers are excited to find out what will happen next.

The episode was rated 7,65 from 223 votes.

Alone - S7E3

#7 - That Was No Bunny (Staffel 7 - Folge 3)

In the episode "That Was No Bunny" of the show Alone, the participants focus on securing a food source that can last them 100 days. Many of them focus on fishing, while Kielyn puts herself in a dangerous position to keep her food safe. Unfortunately, her plan does not go as planned and she has to deal with the consequences.

Kielyn is faced with a difficult situation of how to transport the meat back to her shelter. She would have to try to hide it while she tried to transport as much meat as she could, in the hopes that it would still be there when she got back. This is a difficult task, since she is a mile away from her shelter and there is a risk of predators getting to the carcass before she can transport it back.

The episode was rated 7,66 from 225 votes.

Alone - S7E1

#6 - Million Dollar Mistake (Staffel 7 - Folge 1)


The 10th season of Alone has begun with the Million Dollar Mistake episode. Participants face the extreme weather and predators of the Arctic in a competition to win $1 million. Shawn, a participant, found himself in trouble when he panicked and couldn't remember where he last built a fire. Commenters have speculated that he should have checked under the back of his boat for his fire starter, and that the marks on his case seemed more like a wolverine's claw marks than from a bear.

The episode has been met with excitement from viewers, who are eager to see what will happen in the competition. Many have been trying to find the episode, but have had difficulty locating it. With the episode now released, viewers are looking forward to what will unfold in the upcoming weeks.

The episode was rated 7,71 from 252 votes.

Alone - S7E9

#5 - The Wolves (Staffel 7 - Folge 9)

Alone is a show that follows the journey of 7 participants as they survive the wilderness of Vancouver Island with minimal supplies. In this episode, The Wolves, icy rocks and unpredictable waters forces the participants to take dangerous risks in order to get enough fat to sustain themselves. One of them is faced with a life-threatening predator and must fight for his life.

The Wolves episode of Alone was a great adventure to watch. It was thrilling to see the participants take such risky decisions in order to survive the cold and unforgiving wilderness. It was even more intense to watch the one participant brace himself to face the deadly predator. The episode was full of suspense and excitement, and the audience was kept at the edge of their seat.

The episode was rated 7,74 from 180 votes.

Alone - S7E10

#4 - Pins and Needles (Staffel 7 - Folge 10)


Kielyn was doing very well in the show and viewers were rooting for her. However, when she was ice fishing, she let the one fish that got away affect her negatively. She had the skills to come back and catch fish another day, but was unable to shake off the disappointment and stay in the game. In addition, Kielyn had to deal with smoke building up in her shelter. It was a change in the flow of air in the fire, and the only thing she could do to fix it was to identify and solve the problem.

Viewers are eagerly awaiting the 3 hour season finale of Alone. The stakes are high, and it is sure to be an exciting and dramatic conclusion. With the participants facing difficult conditions and their own mental and physical strength being tested, anything could happen. It will be interesting to see who makes it to the end and who will win the $500,000 prize.

The episode was rated 7,76 from 203 votes.

Alone - S7E7

#3 - Snared (Staffel 7 - Folge 7)

The participants of Alone are being challenged by the local predators of their environment and they must use their skills and adaptability to survive. In this episode, one of the participants is faced with a difficult decision when an unexpected catch appears.

Viewers of this season of Alone are enjoying the hardships and challenges that the participants face as they try to survive in their environment. This episode of Alone is sure to include the same level of suspense and intrigue as the participants are forced to make difficult decisions in order to survive.

The episode was rated 7,81 from 211 votes.

Alone - S7E6

#2 - The Musk Ox (Staffel 7 - Folge 6)


In the Alone episode "The Musk Ox," participants are faced with a new challenge when predators raid their hard-won food. As winter moves in, they must adapt in order to survive the cold weather. For those who are prepared, this brings new opportunities, whereas those who are not prepared face new threats.

In a shocking turn of events, one of the contestants is caught stealing from her fellow participants, taking their food caches. This unexpected move has caused a stir among the viewers, with many of them expressing their shock and outrage at her actions. It will be interesting to see what the consequences of this move will be in the future.

The episode was rated 7,83 from 209 votes.

Alone - S7E11

#1 - Over the Edge (Staffel 7 - Folge 11)

The finale of the hit show Alone has finally arrived. After 100 days of isolation, three survivalists remain in the race for the million-dollar prize. With below zero temperatures and their mental demons to overcome, these brave souls face a treacherous journey to reach their goal. What will come of their battle with the harsh environment and their own physical and mental limitations?

In the final episode of Alone, fans got to witness the incredible courage and determination of the three remaining contestants. With each facing their own challenges, they faced the cold and their inner demons until the very end. It was a gripping watch and a testament to their strength and commitment. After 100 days, the winner of the million-dollar prize was declared, leaving a lasting impression of their journey.

The episode was rated 8,29 from 207 votes.

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